Monday, June 15, 2009

New Sex Toy

Now that I have your attention.. I have to confess, I am a closet carver. Pumpkins, gourds, and even zucchini are not safe around me.

Other facts you don't know:
1) I have written two books.
2) One Single Drop and The Silent One are the titles.
3) They are works of fiction,which reveal a story about eclectic friends who are walking different life pathways. Artists, musicians, yoginis, and horse whisperers provide crazy antics as well as a safety net for each other.
4) The main character is a well-published writer and has used her coinage to establish several wellness centers across the United States.
5) I introduce yoga concepts as well as a few metaphysical conceptions.
6) Exploration and growth into multi-leveled planes are included as the main character and her spiritual equal indulge in sexually charged/not-as-bad-as-it-sounds astral travel.
7) Tabs you will turn will lead you into pages which feature a wide variety of fast cars, world travel, rock tours, painting, photography, familiars, and a Vedic-wisdom touting spectre/guru who appears always in the nick of time.

What does pumpkin, gourd, and zucchini carving have to do with the two books? Not a damn thing. However, these are the eccentricities of my life. Use it how you will..

* No actual vegetables were harmed and those who have been carved have complied most willingly to commit themselves to life immortal via my photographs!