Monday, June 15, 2009

New Sex Toy

Now that I have your attention.. I have to confess, I am a closet carver. Pumpkins, gourds, and even zucchini are not safe around me.

Other facts you don't know:
1) I have written two books.
2) One Single Drop and The Silent One are the titles.
3) They are works of fiction,which reveal a story about eclectic friends who are walking different life pathways. Artists, musicians, yoginis, and horse whisperers provide crazy antics as well as a safety net for each other.
4) The main character is a well-published writer and has used her coinage to establish several wellness centers across the United States.
5) I introduce yoga concepts as well as a few metaphysical conceptions.
6) Exploration and growth into multi-leveled planes are included as the main character and her spiritual equal indulge in sexually charged/not-as-bad-as-it-sounds astral travel.
7) Tabs you will turn will lead you into pages which feature a wide variety of fast cars, world travel, rock tours, painting, photography, familiars, and a Vedic-wisdom touting spectre/guru who appears always in the nick of time.

What does pumpkin, gourd, and zucchini carving have to do with the two books? Not a damn thing. However, these are the eccentricities of my life. Use it how you will..

* No actual vegetables were harmed and those who have been carved have complied most willingly to commit themselves to life immortal via my photographs!


  1. The more eccentricities the better, I always long as they're real rather than affected...and I can't really imagine affected vegetable carving.

    Writing two books is good. I've written a doctoral dissertation and a novel which nobody's shown any interest in it goes....

  2. Are you planning to illustrate your books with your varied carving photos???? Or maybe, you could create a photog coffee table book for your fancy pumpkins, and such? "Bountiful Harvest Carvings" by The Gourd Lord..haha
    What is your favorite yoga pose?

    I notice the Mandala design in your pictured zucchini, bringing to my mind the colors and culture of India, yet your tablescape looks rather like Aunt Flora's tea room from somewhere down in Georgia...Let me know if you need any first-hand recollections from an aged rock drummer and pastry chef..I don't carve, but have a penchant for cookie cutters! Just like Janis Joplin, I am familiar with rock and roll trivia, lemon curd and scones, know how to macrame' and can easily slice potatoes into julienne fries! I am finding your posts to be quite informative! Please, tell us more!