Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Crescent Moon and I are Way Out of Hand

It was an Online Mugging! I now know the true meaning of the lyrics “Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me.” So, dig this. It’s Thursday night. I am so proud I have new followers. I whole-heartedly was determined to write a bit and tell you all about my books and the purpose of this entire blog.

Diligently, I postulated, added humor, listed past experiences, recommended great tunes, and did not use the word “great” more than once! I was plumb pleased with my efforts. For the cherry on top, I regrettably believed that if I added a lovely photo, this would complete my very first, ardently-strived-for work, aka My Blog that explains Everything..

When I clicked photo, I nuked my blog. As far as I know, it possibly may have landed on the moon. In fact, I just returned from a quiet peaceful jaunt outdoors where I noticed that crescent moon shining down on me. If you turned it sideways, it would be laughing at me.

So, friends, here’s the deal. My dog kept me up all night long barking. The moon is laughing at me, and somehow, in my attempt to entertain you, I have failed. Nothing has been explained. My blog #2 exists…you’re just gonna have to trust me cause it won’t be appearing here. More to come after I sleep.


  1. Don't you hate it when you work SOOO hard on something and it gets zapped by the munching monsters? My brain pictures invisible pacmen...I am looking forward to learning more about your books, Victoria, so put some bactine on it, and go on! Write the darn thing AGAIN!

  2. Good News! The blog below is the missing blog!